Who are you?
My name is Anael (pronounced ah-nah-yel), I also go by Nel online! I am an illustrator and designer based in the bay area in California! 

How long have you been making art?
I have been drawing and making art for pretty much my whole life! But I started to seriously learn and improve in 2020.

When did you start your shop?
I initially opened my shop on etsy in 2020, though I was very inconsistent with it due to still being in school. I started taking my shop more seriously in October 2022!

Will you ever make merch for (insert group/show/game etc.)?
Maybe! While I would love to have merch for a bunch of different media, I am just one person doing everything, so I will always prioritize the things that I am genuinely a fan of! Thank you for understanding :)

Are you accepting commissions?
Yes! Please email me at hi@anniyell.com.

Can I open a group order for you items?
Yes! Email me so that we can coordinate.


SHIPPING (Please read this page for more info)

Do you offer untracked shipping?
To minimize shipping costs for smaller orders, I offer untracked shipping for orders containing stickers/photocards ONLY. Leave a note at checkout if you would like untracked shipping on your order and I will refund the extra shipping cost. 

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, but I am unable to ship to any countries listed here. If your country isn't available, email me so that I can add your country!

Do you collect VAT/customs fees?
I do not collect any VAT or customs fees at checkout. 
Please read more info here.

How long do orders take to ship?
Orders typically go out within 3-5 business days, and I usually drop off orders every friday. I pack and ship everything out myself, so I appreciate your patience!

How long do orders take to arrive?
U.S. orders typically arrive within 1-2 weeks and international orders can take 4-6 weeks. If your order does not arrive within the timeframe, please email me at hi@anniyell.com.

Can I mark my order as a gift?
Yes! Please leave a note at checkout that states your gift message and who it is from.

Do you accept returns/exchanges?
All sales are final. I do not accept returns or exchanges unless there was a mistake made on my part.

My address is incorrect.
Please email me ASAP at hi@anniyell.com with your order number.

I am missing something from my order.
If you didn't receive your full order, please email me at hi@anniyell.com with your order number.

My tracking number isn't updating.
This is usually because I have printed out your shipping label but I have not yet dropped your package off at the post office. Please be patient and expect a processing time of 3-5 days for your tracking to update.

My order didn't arrive.
Please check you tracking number! If you believe that your order is lost, you can conduct a missing mail search with USPS. If you need further assistance, email me at hi@anniyell.com and we can work something out.

If your order was marked as delivered and you did not receive it, there is unfortunately not much I can do. Please contact your local post office or conduct a missing mail search.

If your order was shipped via untracked shipping, I am unable to help you once your package is dropped off at the post office. Please order using tracked shipping if you are worried about your order getting lost.



What is a preorder?
A preorder product means that the item is being listed before I have them on-hand. It is a way for me to gauge interest and to help fund the item's production!

How long to preorder items take to arrive?
Please expect a long wait time for preorders. The wait time varies per product, but typically take 4-8 weeks to arrive to you. I will typically update the status of preorder items on my instagram story!

I ordered other items with a preorder item. When will non-preorder items get to me?
Non-preorder items will ship with preorder items if an order contains both. If you would like to receive your non-preorder items quicker, I recommend placing a separate order. Please be advised that you will have to pay for shipping for each order placed.

Can I change my address after placing a preorder?
If I have not started shipping out orders, yes! Please email me at hi@anniyell.com with your order number and new address. If you are expecting to change your address during the wait time, please let me know in the order notes at checkout.

I missed the preorder period, will I still be able to buy the item?
I will almost always have in-stocks for preorder items. Once the items get to me I will list what I have on-hand in my shop. Though I recommend preordering if you want to make sure that you receive a preorder item.

Do I get anything for preordering?
Yes! I will include a free gift included for those who place a preorder! The gift will depend on the preorder item.



Are your stickers waterproof?
Yes! All my stickers are safe being in contact with water. They hold up very well, but they can still be subject to every day wear and tear. Please treat them kindly :)

Will you restock _____?
Possibly, if there is enough interest! Though there are certain designs that I retire because they are old and I feel like doesn't represent my current skill/style, and likely will not bring back.

What manufacturers do you use to make your products?
For several reasons, I don't feel comfortable publicly sharing my manufacturers. It takes time to search for the manufacturer that is perfect for the products that you specifically want to make, and I would hate to lead someone to a manufacturer only to have a negative experience. Though I am happy to chat about my experience with those who are interested in making their own merch!